I need your help... A Word that can spark the Inspiration 🙂

I would like to invite and encourage you to write me a random word …..and I will try to get us inspired by it 🙂 Just write it in a comments below or email it to me. Or if you have something special going on, something that is causing you any kind of frustration or turmoil and you think I could offer you a new perspective on it…Please do not hasitate to write me.

Let’s do this!

So, what is this He-Art of Stuff that everybody is talking about?!?! 😉

Turning information to inspiration...or, instead of turning, let's say CONNECTING or BRIDGING the two. Searching for the Heart, Soul, Wisdom, Beauty & Art in all the shades of all the colors of Life.

Yes, I hope that it will be in my power to give all the information and ideas, that I will be sharing here with you, a RAISE!!! A raise from a simple informer to an inspirational manager!

"And what kind of information and ideas will be inspiring me and how?"  you might be asking just now.

We will be inspired by the OBVIOUS but UNSEEN, SLIGHTED or UNNOTICED... by WHAT WE TAKE FOR GRANTED, BUT REALLY SHOULDN'T...by the BEAUTIFUL SMALL THINGS that make life GREAT if we would only pay ATTENTION!

But first...INSPIRATION, what does it really mean?


Inspiration is something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create. So, it is a force or influence that gives birth to a new idea or action.

The force strong enough to clear and open you up for something new, thus raising your vibration and frequency to higher level where all is possible.

Inspiration - the most sacred and pure breath of the Universe/the Highest Source/God/Great Spirit/or whatever you prefer, that is creating through you. It comes in all kinds of shapes and sizes and it, most certainly, is not something that you own or should take for granted. Take inspiration as a divine blessing ment to be shared. Again...NOT something you DID, but lucky enough to be blessed by it. So, BE HUMBLE ABOUT IT! THANK FOR IT! ACT ON IT! INSPIRE forward! ALWAYS DO GOOD 🙂

So...Here we will be looking for inspiration in common sources....not just learning about facts, absorbing more information...but also LEARN from them and, most of all, ACT on them...bring them out on the open, restore their true meaning and value. AND THROUGH IT ALL, in the most fun way, BECOME MORE PRESENT, REAL, AWARE and AWAKE ...IN EVERY RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW ...or MOMENT as we call it 😉

Whatever you do, WALK THE TALK... and act on an inspired thought.

Love you

Come by Any(often)time.

He-Art of Street Wisdom

A gallery of photos with wisdom quotes attached. Feel free to use them as your "street wisdom tarot" guidance or message.

He-Art of Peace

A Project that brings Love, Art, Music, Transformation, Self-realization of One and All, Cooperation, Compassion, Inspiration, Purpose, Heart and Peace together in Oneness.

Book & Music in the making!!!!! Give me a shout out if you are interested 🙂