It All Began with an Inspired Word


… Or was it a Word that sparked the Inspiration?

Either way, here I am, determined to do what I set myself up to do quite some time ago… Ready to search for inspiration where noone would look for it, looking for answers to life concerning questions in most slighted places. And hopefully inspire you along the way as well….inspire you to look deeper into what is obvious to the heart but slighted by the eye. Let’s see how everyday life is talking to us…..what the streets have to say and how can they help us through challenges we face.

Dear Reader,

I would like to invite and encourage you to write me a random word …..and I will try to get us inspired by it 🙂 Just write it in a comments below or email it to me. Or if you have something special going on, something that is causing you any kind of frustration or turmoil and you think I could offer you a new perspective on it…Please do not hasitate to write me.

Let’s do this!

Much Love and Inspiration


2 thoughts on “It All Began with an Inspired Word”

    1. Thank you Hippie 🙂
      I’m sorry I’m so late with my response. I’ve been so busy with my book and the project around it…but now I’m back and I intend to be more active from now on 🙂
      About writing for you….I’m opened to suggestions 🙂

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