Lil' something about Me

Certified therapist and teacher of Arvigo techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy, Dorn-Breuss (Health through spine) therapist, Maya Spiritual Healer, Gong Master, Gong Yoga teacher, Laughter Yoga instructor, Vocal Coach, Sound Therapist, Singer, Performer, Writer, Teacher and always a Student... Originator of FrEmo methods for freeing the emotional armoring, creator of Holistic resonance therapy...


Lil' something further...

After studying languages and linguistics in the Faculty of Arts, Ljubljana University in Slovenia, I found my new learning and profession in massage therapy, specialising in Dorn-Breuss therapy for spine health and body alignement, sport therapy and, most of all, in the Arvigo techniques of Maya abdominal Therapy working towards natural reproductive  and abdominal health of, both, women and men.  Following my own self healing path I continued my studies further on, becoming a Laughter  Yoga and Gong Yoga teacher, which brought me to discover Sound Healing and the Gong. This brought Music, my greatest hobby and passion since a very young age, to my professional life as well. What was once just a personal hobby and a powerful personal healing tool has now become a powerful self healing tool to many.

I studied  in Greece, Germany, Central America, mainly in Belize, USA…and had the privilege to study and work closely with a lot of great teachers and work with them as their student, assistant and translator.

The most important part of my teachings and work is self-care, self help or self healing. Through my personal self healing path and amazingly rich field of experience with individual  and group therapy work, I am bringing forward the magic of self helping tools such as our Voice, Breath, Movement, Touch… All my work and all my teachings are based on the idea »Awake yourself to awake the world«, and on overcoming the Ego with our Hearts, seeing all that is as sacred.